I make posts about nothing.

Good morning Instagram.

Good morning Instagram.


nailed it.


nailed it.



MMMM 2 Daddies for me!!!


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siopaupau: What games (console/pc) do you play? And you're cute btw :-3

I play mostly PC games. But my PC is getting old and I’m thinking of picking up a current console. Haven’t decided yet though.

salatino: Hey cutie how are you? I'm sultano salatino on Fb Kik : salatino8 IG : salatino8

Hi there. My name is Jeff. My kik name is the same as my tumblr name if you ever want to message me on there.

bulldogd: Are you feeling better handsome. Also do you play D3?

Despite a crappy day of work, my headache has gone away for the time being. But being spring and being severely allergy prone, it will return. And then I’ll be needing your services again.

And yes, I do play D3. =)

dylon1992: Forgive me if someone asked this already but do you play WoW and if you do, wanna play with me? ^_^

I used to play a lot of WoW but I’m kinda taking a break from it for now til the expansion drops. I play other things though!

Okay, here’s a thing ..

I have a -lot- of cute straight boys poking me on Facebook lately. And as a 27 year old adult male, I should think “Oh, they haven’t talked to me in a while, maybe I missed a message by him?” But my mind immediately goes to “Oh my god you’re gay and want to fuck me? I knew it.”

Oh, they’re extreme alright.

Oh, they’re extreme alright.


More gorgeous cosplay! You guys look so amazing!

Can I have that Gragas in my life now please?