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I feel like I’m looking hairy as of lately.

I feel like I’m looking hairy as of lately.




it was a 2 second video

I had to click it

I had to know what could possibly happen in two short seconds

Click it

He did the thing

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relocatedturtleduck: I wish to say congratulations on your face. you're a cutie :) Also what's your top 3 champs and why!

Aw. That’s extremely nice of you to say. =) Makes me feel more confident for sure!

My three favorite champions are (and they tend to change frequently) Aatrox, Diana, and Udyr. And I don’t really have a good explanation as to why. I like to play champions I tend to do really well with. Just something about moon dashing someone who is running is really satisfying too.

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cubkings: Hey there! Let's play league! What's your username?

Keepinghorizon, same as on here. I’ll probably be on tonight.



Chubs y Algo Más…

Hanging out by the pool today. =)

Hanging out by the pool today. =)